How to Change Account Name in FIFA Mobile? Here's the Guide

How to Change Account Name on FIFA Mobile

How to change the account name in FIFA Mobile makes all players curious. In this digital era, FIFA Mobile is the favorite entertainment for almost everyone. There's a lot of fun that you can enjoy alone or with other players.

As cerdaskita explained, FIFA Mobile was developed by EA Sports with a variety of interesting features. What's more, this game has official licenses from many players and clubs around the world.

But there is one thing that bothers many players, they cannot change their FIFA Mobile account name. The reason is, if we enter the Settings menu we cannot find the option to change the nickname.

So, if you are confused and uncomfortable with your current account nickname, in this article you will find the answer. Let's read!

How to Change Account Name in FIFA Mobile

EA's explanation regarding nickname changes (

Is there a way to change the FIFA Mobile account name? Unfortunately, EA Sports does not provide a name change option. In other words, we will continue to use the name that was created at the beginning for life!

This policy is unfortunate for many users. Especially for those who just input a name without paying attention to the meaning of the name.

In fact, FIFA Mobile allows users to have the same name as other players without any restrictions.

The reason why you can't change your name in FIFA Mobile is because of security reasons. If there is a name change, EA will find it difficult to track the user's ranking or level.

As we know, this game continues from season to season. Game progress will be saved in EA's system and will be used as long as the account is active.

So it's clear, the nickname or account name of FIFA Mobile cannot be changed. But if your game progress is still low, you can create a new account and choose a name as you wish.

How to Make a FIFA Mobile Nickname Using Spaces

Apart from the problem of not being able to change the account name, users are also faced with making nicknames using spaces. If you press the "Space" button on your cellphone, the space bar will not appear on the screen.

For example, the account name Real Betis or Manchester City. Name characters like this cannot be made, so you have to combine the two words to become RealBetis and ManchesterCity.

Strangely, in the Top Global list there is a user with the name Im Batman using spaces. We don't know for sure why he was able to use that name.

But after doing some research, there is a way to change your FIFA Mobile 2022 account name using spaces. Quite simply, we can use Hangul Filler. This method is also applied to other game accounts.

Simply put, all you have to do is add Hangul Filler between the two words. Example: RealU+3164Betis or RealU+1160Betis.

The word in bold is Hangul Filler. If this method works, please write your review in the comments column.


Conceptually, FIFA Mobile is much different from other football games. EA provides this game with more complete features and a variety of events that allow users to get the best players.

That's how to change the FIFA Mobile 2022 account name that you need to know. Considering that it is very impossible to do, before creating an account, you should think about a nickname well, it can be City, MU or Arsenal.