How to Change Gmail Password, Do It Easily In 1 Minute on Your Phone!

How to Change Gmail Password

How to Change Gmail Password
– In this digital era, everything related to an account must have an email. Gmail is the only email service that most people use.

There used to be Yahoo and Hotmail. But over time, only Gmail has been able to survive until now. Apart from being owned by Google, its features and services are also very helpful.

In addition, Gmail also offers user data security. So that the account remains safe and protected from data theft or hacking.

Even though security is guaranteed, you still have to change your Gmail password regularly. Especially after logging into applications or sites that require email access.

Well, for those who are still confused about how to change Gmail password, I will explain in full the steps. Make sure not to miss the points below!

Reasons Why You Have to Change Gmail Password Regularly

When Gmail is used to login multiple accounts, we should change the password if there is suspicious activity. Especially for those of you who often log in to illegal sites or applications, this is quite dangerous.

The reason is, it could be that the site or application is just a "gimmick", its main purpose is to attract ordinary people to take Gmail account data. Even worse, it drains the balance in mBanking or e-wallet.

To avoid this, changing the Gmail password is the right choice. Below we explain the reasons why some people change their account passwords.

1. Cyber Security Appeal

As we know, since hacker attacks have increased, the cyber security center urges the public to change passwords regularly. The reason is to keep the account safe and avoid hacker attacks.

If you want to follow this advice, make sure you remember the new Gmail password. Don't forget it because it will affect when you log in to your account.

2. Avoid Account Hacking

The next reason to change Gmail password is to avoid the account being hacked. This applies to those of you who still use your date of birth as a password. In addition, it also applies to those of you whose password strength is low.

For example, the combination of names and numbers is lolling69. If you're still using a password like this, it's best to change it immediately because it's so vulnerable to intrusion.

3. There is Suspicious Activity

Have you ever received a notification of suspicious activity in your Gmail account? Fortunately, Google's security is now more sophisticated, they will send a notification to immediately verify and change the password.

As soon as the notification appears, you should immediately rush to change your Gmail password. Because if left unchecked, your account might change hands and be difficult to return.

4. Password Known by Others

I think some of us have exchanged cellphones with partners. If you are one of them, you should immediately change the password. Because if you break up badly, it is feared that your data will be hacked.

Especially for those who use one Gmail account for all social media and game logins. You might lose your PUBG Mobile account because the password was changed.

The above are some of the reasons people change their Gmail password. But before that, make sure you remember it. If necessary, write it down in a special phone file or notebook so you don't forget when you want to log in to your account.

How to Change Gmail Password

Actually how to change Gmail password is very easy, you don't need a laptop or PC. Just use the Google app on your smartphone.

Okay, no need to linger anymore, just look at the guide on how to change Gmail password on your phone below:

  • First, open the Google application on your phone
  • Click the circle at the top right (the one with the account picture)
  • Then click “Manage Your Google Account”
  • Scroll the menu to the left, and select "Security"
  • In the Login to Google section, click “Password”
  • Enter the old Gmail password, and click “Next”
  • After that enter a new password, don't forget to confirm
  • If so, click Change Password
  • The "Password changed successfully" page will appear

Until this step how to change Gmail password is complete. But if you want to increase account security, click the “Start” button on the previous page and add your recovery phone number and email.

This aims to further enhance account security. So if there is suspicious activity, you will get a notification and can immediately verify.

For the recovery email section, we recommend using a different email connected to your phone. Because this is quite helpful when there are notifications about Gmail account security.

The Safest Password Combination for Gmail

If you want to change your Gmail password, there are a few things to consider. Currently, there are many digital crimes that are very detrimental. Do not make random passwords, especially the combination of date and year of birth.

Gmail passwords should only be known by us. So making passwords with complex combinations is needed.

Moreover, Google itself recommends a combination of numbers, uppercase letters, and punctuation for passwords. The goal is clear, so that it is not easily known by other people and hackers.

Well, to avoid it all and increase password strength, here's a combination to secure your Gmail account.

  • Starting with a Number
For the password prefix, you should use a number, it can be 1,2,3,4,5, or 0. The reason is, in the world of cyber security, passwords that start with numbers are more difficult to crack.

  • Use Punctuation
The meaning of punctuation is ,./?&%$ and so on. You can use one or better combined to make the password status stronger.

  • Upper & Lowercase
It is very important to use upper and lower case letters when changing Gmail passwords. Because this will make it difficult for people who want to hack, so that account security is better maintained.

  • Avoid Date of Birth
As explained earlier, Gmail users and social media accounts are prohibited from including the date and year of birth as a password because it is more vulnerable.

So, if you are confused about what examples of strong and safe Gmail passwords are, you can duplicate the following passwords: 96hiL053r.# or 8ooByb19.%

It does look like alien codes and hard to remember. But the combination is very strong and it is recommended to keep the account safe.

Now you can easily change Gmail password on your Android or iOS. Don't forget to apply the advice I gave you.


In this highly developed digital era, it is appropriate for us to maintain a personal account. Do not let the account be lost because of a vulnerable password. One way is to use a combination of numbers and punctuation.

Although how to change Gmail password is very easy and fast, there are some things that must be considered. The most important thing is to remember or record the new password so you don't have trouble logging in. Good luck!